Alpha Particle Spark Detector

This apparatus was constructed using the machine shop after work summer 2014 and in the first couple months of my senior year.  The results are rather stunning as each spark is an ionization event initiated by an incident alpha particle emitted from the Americium-241 source held by the tweezers.  The physics department took interest and the device was used as a … More Alpha Particle Spark Detector

Calculating the Value of Pi With a Geiger Counter

Can a Geiger counter do math? Indeed it can! Well it can at least be used to generate a stream of random binary which can be utilized in a Monte-Carlo method to perform the computation.  This was motivated by a desire to build a hardware random number generator and verify that the numbers generated by the … More Calculating the Value of Pi With a Geiger Counter

Design and Manufacture of a Gamma Spectroscopy System

Two years ago I joined a small group of students endeavoring to build a Farnsworth Fusor.  Six years after the project was initially started, myself and my two compatriots were the first to observe a steady flux of neutrons emanating from the fusor. I realized the fusor could now be utilized as a neutron source … More Design and Manufacture of a Gamma Spectroscopy System

PCB Fabrication

A number of projects, including my senior engineering design project and instrumentation in the advanced physics lab have required custom PCBs. Utilizing the dark room in the photo-lab at LMU’s art school, I exposed and etched the following boards using a positive tone photo-resist.  The masks were made from inkjet printable transparent film and the UV source from two 8 watt … More PCB Fabrication